Nature's Designs

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"There is no better designer than nature" — Alexander McQueen

"The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration." — Claude Monet

"Design in nature is but a concatenation of accidents, culled by natural selection until the result is so beautiful or effective as to seem a miracle of purpose." — Michael Pollan

"The concept of God is generated by a brain designed by evolution to find design in nature (a very recursive idea)." — Michael Shermer

"The belief in God is not therefore based on the perception of design in nature. Belief in design in nature is based upon the belief in God. Things are as they are whether there is a God or not. Logically, to believe in design one must start with God. He, or it, is not a conclusion but a datum. You may begin by assuming a creator, and then say he did this or that; but you cannot logically say that because certain things exist, therefore there is a God who made them. God is an assumption, not a conclusion. And it is an assumption that explains nothing." — Chapman Cohen
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