Digital Abstract Aesthetics

19 images Created 3 Oct 2011

As a photojournalist for newspapers in the Michiana area for more than 20 years, I practiced the art of documentary and straight photography.

The digital age of photography has evolved back and forth for me. When I first started shooting digital photographs in the early 2000's, I attempted to practice straight photography even though the quality of images was poor in the beginning with a magenta or yellow cast being part of the equation until cameras soon started to become much better.

I started putting some of my fine arts background into a different gear at about the same time the Great Recession was building steam. Late winter nights found me attempting to create abstracts that I thought might have some aesthetic value. I began to call these digital manipulations "Extremities" as I was taking the manipulation of the images to the extreme, much like the economy was being taken to the extreme by the weight of the Great Recession.

I then learned the joys of creating vintage, antique, and other digital photographs using Photoshop.

I'm now back to loving the potential that new cameras have for capturing beautiful straight imagery.

I look forward to whatever the future of photography might bring.
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